We Help You Seek Both Profit + Impact

HIP Investor Inc. is an investment adviser and portfolio management firm that provides institutions, individuals, families, foundations – and their advisers – with: 

  • IMPACT INVESTINGUpgrade your portfolio to make a positive impact on the world.
  • HIP RATINGS: Learn how much positive impact each of your portfolio holdings creates.
  • HIP PORTFOLIOS:  Invest for impact in these funds designed to deliver both impact and profit.
  • HIP CONSULTING:  Dial up your corporate pursuit of profit with positive human impact.

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Resilient Portfolios &  Fossil-Free Pensions



May 31, 2013 350.org & Go Fossil-Free 
HIP Investor
Resilient Portfolios & Fossil-Free Pensions

This paper highlights compelling evidence that fossil-fuel divestment is not only a moral responsibility, but a feasible and prudent way to address this portfolio risk. The paper also provides a set of fossil-free investing choices that can deliver solid returns, as well as help address the climate crisis, advance clean energy development, and increase the health and wellness of communities.

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Fixed-Income Solution For Impact Investing

August 23, 2013  FA Magazine | Jerilyn Klein Bier

Fixed-Income Solution For Impact Investing

But everything clicked when a mutual client introduced SNW Asset Management to HIP Investor Inc., a San Francisco-based firm that rates more than 4,000 companies globally for impact and advises on more than $120 million in assets. Initially, the firms partnered to rate 200 municipal bond issuers. That number has grown to 500 and keeps expanding. In early 2013, they began offering custom impact-rated bond portfolios.

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