Investment Philosophy

HIP: A Comprehensive Framework

The “HIP” Way

HIP Investor offers a transformational approach for investors and companies.

We go beyond traditional financial valuation with quantifiable measures of human impact that can drive higher shareholder value.   HIP’s comprehensive framework shows how a company’s long-term, comprehensive approach can include all stakeholders, across customers, employees and suppliers as well as the environment.

HIP evaluates companies in 3 areas:

  • Quantifiable Human Impact
  • Sound Management Practices
  • Sustainable Products and Services
HIP Methodology Process

Scores, Rates, and Ranks Investments

HIP Methodology

  • Analysis based on 30 quantifiable metrics
  • Recognizes new opportunities and risks
  • HIP fundamentals drive weighting of portfolio

HIP’s 5 Dimensions of Measurable Impact Can Lead to Sustainable, Profitable Growth

5 Dimensions of HIP Companies image

$175 Trillion Can Seek Human Impact + Profit

We aspire to shift the $175 trillion in global financial capital (McKinsey Global Institute) to seek out more Human Impact and Profit.  Will you be more HIP?

Want to learn more about the HIP Methodology? Read our award winning whitepaper HERE