HIP Team Opportunities

HIP Investor Inc. is entrepreneurial, client-focused and collaborative.   We seek results-oriented thinkers who take new ideas to action — especially when they unleash all forms of capital to “do good” and seek to “make money.”

To explore working at HIP, please email our Talent Team at  TalentTeam@hipinvestor.com with  the role and your name in the subject line – and submit your resume, LinkedIn page, and why you are a great fit for HIP.

HIP INTERNSHIPS – for academic credit or coursework requirements

Legal and Compliance Analyst: As a financial services firm in a regulated industry, HIP Investor is seeking a talented business or law student, interested in transparency and trust-based platforms, to work with our team in maintaining high legal compliance standards.  We seek an individual with the highest moral and ethical standards – and dedicated to trust, transparency and compliance. CLICK HERE

New Media Associate: HIP Investor Inc. is seeking a talented individual to create, plan and implement innovative marketing initiatives – including leveraging social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. CLICK HERE

Journalist, Media Contributor: HIP Investor Inc. is seeking a talented individual to develop original content for media and social networks as well as contributing to  our ongoing publishing of features and white papers. CLICK HERE

Portfolio Research & Analysis: HIP Investor Inc. is seeking talented individuals to apply our HIP Scorecard to investement across all asset classes, including HIP Folios. CLICK HERE


Portfolio Manager, HIP Investor Services: HIP Investor Inc. is seeking a Portfolio Manager to manage impact-oriented portfolios, serving the needs of individual and institutional investors seeking Human Impact + Profit. CLICK HERE