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R. Paul Herman, Founder and CEO of HIP Investor Inc., is an expert in sustainable growth and a renowned public speaker – at Net Impact conferences, Paul is ranked among the top of hundreds of speakers by conference attendees. Paul has extensive experience presenting around the world on topics from cleantech to socially responsible investing to innovation. And, in consulting with Fortune 500 companies on sustainability initiatives and advising accredited and everyday investors on their portfolios, Paul brings a wealth of insights and best practices about how companies and investors can achieve Human Impact + Profit.

Overview of Experience and Qualifications
Paul’s unique experience working in and at the cross-section of the business, nonprofit and government sectors provides a solid foundation for innovating how to solve human problems for profit.

  • Paul Herman’s for-profit experience at McKinsey, CSC Index, and the Wharton School of Business provide the credibility of executive-level thinking and implementation, with quantifiable results.
  • In the 1990s, Paul created, grew and sold his own financial-services company that boosted financial literacy for over 30,000 kids, teens and parents.
  • At a global (60 country) non-profit, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, Paul expanded the North America program to support several dozen systems-changing social entrepreneurs — and increased annual income from $12 million to nearly $20 million over two years.
  • As Director of Strategy at the Omidyar Network, Paul shaped investment strategy for eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, funding companies that delivered both positive impact and profit.

Building from his successful, cross-sector experience in designing products and solutions for sustainable, profitable growth, Paul offers fascinating case studies and inspiring opinions that resonate directly with executives, investors and leaders looking for innovative solutions that work.

As a distinguished speaker, here is a snapshot of Paul’s experience:

  • Frequent guest lecturer at graduate schools – including Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Wharton-UPenn, Stanford, and UCal-Berkeley.
  • Frequent panelist and speaker at conferences around the world – Triple Bottom Line Institute (TBLI) in Bangkok, Thailand and Paris, France; industry conferences in Amsterdam, Geneva, NYC, Monterey, Nashville and San Francisco.
  • Previous experience with media interviews on CNN TV including Crossfire, as well as publications like Time, Business Week, Business 2.0 and the Washington Post.
  • See Paul speak to innovative product designers at IDEO in Silicon Valley, CLICK HERE.

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Paul Herman is available to present on a variety of topics related to sustainable, profitable growth – from industry specific evaluation of the renewable energy market to how to measure corporate sustainability. To book a presentation for your company, investment group, class or industry conference, please fill out the form below.

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