What HIP Has to Offer

HIP’s unique multi-disciplinary approach combines expertise in finance and sustainability:

  • HIP offers advice and investment management services to individuals and entrepreneurs, families, foundations, trusts, estates, charitable organizations and corporate entities — and customized investment advice to its clients.
  • HIP manages investment indexes – including the HIP 100 Index (SM) and the HIP Preferred (SM) – designed to seek Human Impact + Profit.  Portfolios can be organized for your IRA, Roth IRA, employer rollover, trust, automatic monthly contributions, or core portfolio.  See the latest performance and full disclosures of the HIP portfolios.  Remember Past Performance is not Indicative of Future Results.
  • HIP works with wealth managers and offers the HIP separately managed account for use in client portfolios.  HIP also provides general consulting to advisers and brokers on how to build higher impact portfolios for clients.
  • HIP publishes on investing and business, including Matter Network syndicated by Reuters, and is featured in leading business media, including The New York Times, Morningstar, Forbes and CNBC.
  • HIP speaks on a variety of topics related to sustainable, profitable growth – from industry specific evaluation of the renewable energy market to how to measure corporate sustainability.

* To learn more about what HIP has to offer contact us at Services@hipinvestor.com