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“Vice vs. Nice”

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CLICK HERE to watch the 68-minute Oxford-style debate at Commit! Forum on September 26, 2011 (FREE signup required; password received in email)


Joyce Hanson of Advisor One writes “Doing good versus making money—that was the topic at the Javits Center in New York. In a sometimes feisty Oxford-style debate, portfolio managers and professors sparred over whether socially responsible investment has any business contributing to—or subtracting from—a company’s bottom line…”

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Jeri Klein of Financial Advisor magazine

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Ms. Misako Hida of The Wall Street Journal Japan edition

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Aman Singh of Forbes.com

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Raz Godelnik of Triple Pundit

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cnbc-logoREAD: CNBC quotes HIP on a “New Way to Run a Railroad” – by Trevor Curwin, who highlights 17-30 percent improvement in efficiencies in rail transport – including how one ton of freight can move 457 miles on one gallon of fuel.

ALSO, read sustainability features co-authored by Thera Kalmijn of SureGround Solutions, and HIP CEO R. Paul Herman – see the full set here.

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* Magnet Investing Radio Show with Jordan Kimmel – “Introducing the New Fundamentals of Investing,” interview with R. Paul Herman (about 30 minutes)

* CNN Radio DallasAhead of the Curve” with Vince Rowe – Interview with R. Paul Herman  – “The HIP Investor, Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World” (about 50 minutes)

* InvestoRadio – DonMcDonald and Tom Cock help investors navigate the world of finance. (about 45 minutes; also available on iTunes; recorded June 24)

* VoiceAmericaBusiness - The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman interviews HIP CEO and author R. Paul Herman. (About 55 minutes.)

* Power Trading Radio – Merlin Rothfeld interviews the HIP book author R. Paul Herman. (About 10 minutes; available on iTunes; scroll down to the April 29, 2010 segment.)

* Gabriel Wisdom - Business Talk Radio Network radio host and investment adviser Gabe Wisdom interviews the HIP CEO. (About a 10 minute interview; fast-forward to, or click the audio player to, about the 30th minute.)


ODE Magazine
: “Get HIP with your money: How to build a better world and make bigger profits—through investing” Book Excerpt, By R. Paul Herman, HIP CEO.

: “Hip Investor: How To Invest Without Compromising Your Values” Interview by Amie Vaccaro

Dowser Media:
Interview: R. Paul Herman on how to invest to maximize social impact and profit Contributors:  by David Bornstein (inspiration for the book) + Rebecca Robinson

Cause Capitalism: How Nike, Walmart and Cisco Are Being More HIP and Growing Profits With Purpose– by Olivia Khalili


RATED: Sustainability Faceoffs at FastCompany.com: “How HIP is Your…?”

FastCompany.com is excerpting the head-to-head company faceoffs from Chapter 7 of The HIP Investor book.  FastCompany has added its own analysis and links to previous features it has written on the firms.  See a mini-excerpt of the HIP faceoff grids for companies and brands most of you already know.

NOTE: Sustainability statistics are a mix of 2007, 2008 and 2009 data (since books quote historical information). Check each company’s website for the latest info.  The HIP approach is intended as a tool to help you interpret the data.

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