Why HIP?

HIP Investor has been recognized throughout the media as an expert in investing for positive impact.

Human Impact + Profit are the new fundamentals; your portfolio can seek higher impact and potential profit from being more HIP.

HIP serves families and their foundations – who are seeking human impact and profit — as a portfolio manager, adviser and wealth manager.

HIP Performance: The focus of sustainability on long term investment for improved financial, social, and environmental health is designed to mitigate risk through a tailored performance strategy.

HIP Consulting:  HIP consults to companies on social and environmental factors that can drive long term financial value.  We apply a HIP scorecard to organizations and their supply chain, perform workshops to educate corporate management, help companies put people on the balance sheet, identify material issues, and perform integrative reporting.
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HIP as an RIA: With the fiscal responsibility to uphold the best interest of their clients, an RIA stands out as a bastion of trust and progress in today’s landscape of cut-throat capitalism. RIAs are also able to be much more mobile when it comes to individual client requests, and can tailor portfolios to meet specific client investment demands and tax requirements (loss harvesting). HIP is privately owned and operated, with no vested corporate interest.  Because of HIP’s fee based structure, our revenue only grows with your assets.

Please read these articles to learn more about the benefits of using an RIA: WSJ and RIA Stands for You.

With Transparency at the heart of our methodology and mission, our clients trust us to be clear and straightforward in our relationship.  HIP is the first RIA go so far to include human impact in client reporting.  Wouldn’t you like to know what impact your investments are having?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a HIP Client, please let us know HERE.