Impact Investing 101: Panel Discussion
Jan 18 @ 6:15 pm – 8:45 pm


Impact Investing 101: Panel Discussion

“Do you care about social/environmental impact? Are your investments aligned with your values? Join us and learn:
• What impact investing means and why it matters
• How to invest money for impact – even when you’re not a millionaire or accredited investor
• About the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative
• How you can advocate for impact investing at your company/401(k) plan
• About raising impact capital as a nonprofit or social enterprise”

HIP’s Paul Herman & Lauryn Agnew will be  panelists.

January 18, 2017
San Francisco, CA


The 3rd Annual Responsible Investing Summit
Mar 9 – Mar 10 all-day


The 3rd Annual Responsible Investing Summit

“Why a Conscientious Investment Policy Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Learn how to make an impact by investing with your values

The 3rd Annual Responsible Investing Conference, this year in San Francisco, brings together top leaders in ESG/SRI and impact investing for a deep dive into responsible investment options, data and impact measurement, risks and returns, and trending issues in ESG investing, You’ll learn how leading investors are selecting their ESG/SRI investments, specifics in conducting due diligence, return expectations, ways to measure performance and ROI, and how to integrate responsible investments into your portfolio.

  • Key takeaways include:
  • How the election will impact the future of ESG/SRI
  • Why investing responsibly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing returns
  • Reasons for the growing interest in gender equity and executive compensation
  • Decision-making insights on the divestment vs investment debate
  • Demystifying data sources and performance measurement
  • Why investing in women is gaining traction
  • Best ways to access investment products and vehicles

You’ll hear directly from fellow investors about their insights and strategies in this high-growth area—don’t miss it!”

HIP Investor’s Paul Herman will be speaking at this event

March 9-10, 2017
San Francisco, CA