Women in Cleantech & Sustainability – Impact Investing Panel
Mar 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Women in Cleantech & Sustainability – Impact Investing Panel

“After our Annual event, WCS Talks 2016, a few of the attendees really got curious to know more about the financial landscape when it comes to the green space. We thought it’ll be a great togo into Conscious Investing, especially as we believe the women in general, are underrepresented in the space and there is no real clarity on how investment is happening. So our goals are:

  • To promote diversity in finance, cleantech and sustainability
  • To encourage capital resources by educating
  • Helping non-finance professionals in the cleantech and sustainability space better appeal to traditional financial institutions and encourage capital inflow
  • To bridge the knowledge gap between finance and sustainability so that everyone can benefit from each others’ expertise
  • Show that the triple bottom line DOES work!”

HIP’s CEO Paul Herman will chair the panel with special guests Julia Murphy of UltraCapital & Dale Wannen of SustaInvest

May 29, 2017
San Francisco, CA

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What Do Millennials Want in Their Portfolios, 401(k)s and Workplaces?
Mar 30 @ 6:00 pm


What Do Millennials Want in Their Portfolios, 401(k)s and Workplaces?

“HIP’s Paul Herman, in conversation with Chinwe Onyeagoro, President, Great Place to Work Institute

With 70 million Millennials now the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, how do they stay satisfied in the workplace, while the company builds its bottom line? With a trust-based workplace, Millennials thrive in their jobs, while companies can also outperform financially, according to Chinwe Onyeagoro, Great Places to Work.

With a sustainable, fossil-free 401(k), Millennials are more engaged, innovative and can build a better world while saving for their future. Going beyond traditional investing, Millennials can use their forthcoming $40 trillion of inherited wealth to improve the health, wealth, earth, equality and trust of the world via their investing, according to Paul Herman, HIP Investor. Learn how to unleash the excitement of Millennials in the workplace.

March 30, 2017
San Francisco, CA


Impact Capitalism Summit
Apr 25 – Apr 26 all-day


Impact Capitalism Summit

“Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Big Path Capital is pleased to announce the 8th annual Impact Capitalism Summit – the largest convening of investors focused on maximizing impact and maximizing return across asset classes.

This Summit will focus on the role of capital markets in creating an economy where opportunity and prosperity are widely shared. It will explore a simple and powerful premise…stakeholders who have a hand in creating value should share in its successful outcomes. You will hear from prominent family offices, institutional investors and influential foundations about what is driving their impact investment decision-making in 2017 and experience an exciting lineup of discussions, debates, and performances across asset classes and impact themes.”

April 25-26, 2017
Chicago, IL


Sustainable Brands 2017 Detroit
May 22 – May 25 all-day


Sustainable Brands 2017 Detroit

“Sustainable Brands® is a global community that believes that embedding environmental and social purpose into the core of a brand is the future of business. The community was founded on the conviction that unleashing the best of human ingenuity and innovation can change the shape of business and, with it, the world. Ten years later, we are celebrating our progress as a community of action, dedicated to delivering on the solutions needed to drive us into the next economy.

The SB Experience
At SB, we believe brands are uniquely positioned to align business and society on the path to a flourishing future, and enable participants to experience a shift in thinking that results in new ways of doing business to drive economic success.

Over the past decade, SB has become the preeminent platform for highlighting the power of purpose to drive brand success: and the power of brands to change the world. SB sparks and enables transformational leadership at the personal, organizational and economic systems level to support reflection, ideation and action by creating and curating an optimal environment for discovering the tools and partners necessary to create new kinds of shared value.

We bring the full system into the room, convening a community of courageous optimists willing to challenge personal assumptions and disrupt the status quo.

Redefining the Good Life
SB’17 Detroit marks the beginning of a 3-year global conversation about how we can deliver a flourishing future by rethinking what the ‘Good Life’ means for a healthy individual, family, community, city, country and planet. Driven to create a better world for all, the SB community is collectively called upon to redefine, redesign and deliver a new future, starting with individual and societal aspirations that point us all toward real happiness and a sustainable future. Beginning at SB’17 Detroit with a collective conversation about how we can “Redefine the Good Life,” together we will illustrate how the brand leaders of the future can respond.”

March 22-25, 2017
Detroit, MI


Great Places To Work For ALL
May 23 – May 25 all-day


Great Places To Work For ALL

“Join us for an event marking the lift-off of a new, exciting mission: building a Great Place to Work For ALL. On the 20th anniversary of the 100 Best Companies to Work for® List we produce for Fortune, Great Place to Work® is raising its sights and raising the bar on what it means to be a great workplace. Gather and network with other leaders reaching for greatness through workplaces that tap everyone’s potential. Learn about the solid business benefits and human impact of leading with a belief that all people deserve to be treated with dignity, and are capable of excellence. Grow your knowledge about how to create high-trust, innovative workplace cultures that yield better business results. Leave inspired to change the world one workplace at a time.

Last Year’s Conference: At-A-Glance:
More than 1,000 attendees from over 380 companies
HR Professionals comprised nearly half of all attendees
Industries most represented included Professional Services (28%), Information Technology (10%), Healthcare/Healthcare Services (9%), Manufacturing & Production (9%)
52% of companies that attended are Great Place to Work® Certified”

May 23-25, 2017
Chicago, IL