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Dowser logoJune 9, 2010 Interview: R. Paul Herman on how to invest to maximize social impact and profit Interview, By David Bornstein (inspiration for the book) + Rebecca Robinson

Cause Capitalism: June 1, 2010 How Nike, Walmart and Cisco Are Being More HIP and Growing Profits With Purpose Interview, By Olivia Khalili

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Triple Pundit Interview, by Amie Vaccaro

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May 28, 2010 Triple Pundit
Hip Investor: How To Invest Without Compromising Your Values” Interview, By Amie Vaccaro

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ODE Magazine: Book Excerpt, by R. Paul Herman

ODE Magazine: “Get HIP with your money: How to build a better world and make bigger profits—through investing” Book Excerpt, By R. Paul Herman, HIP CEO.

ODE Magazine April/May 2010 cover

Until now, an investor would need to choose between these two options: short-term gains that risk society’s stability, or positive intentions that fail to deliver consistently attractive returns. Now, there is a new investment approach—one that realizes bigger profits that capitalists seek while building a better world that do-gooders desire.

This approach generates Human Impact and Profit, or HIP, simultaneously. It embraces a comprehensive view of society. It produces long-term results while yielding short-term profits. It enables for-profit companies to solve human problems for customers, employees and society. It combines “doing good” and “making money”—drawing from the best of both worlds.


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