Corporate Consulting

HIP consults to public companies – including the S&P 100 – as well as privately-owned firms.

HIP’s strategic scorecards, advisory services and management tools support the development, design and implementation of a more sustaianble and HIP (“Human Impact + Profit”) approach.  HIP’s clients have included:

: WALMART: the co-development of the “Sustainability Index” and the resulting supplier sustainability scorecard and assessment is used in evaluating more than 60,000 firms globally.


:  NIKE: support of the development and communication of the Green Exchange, a marketplace focused on licensing of eco-efficient intellectual property.


: SCHWAB: strategic workshops for executives and business unit leaders outlining marketplace trends and new opportunities in impact investing and sustainable portfolios.


Sustainability Analysis Impacts the Drivers of Shareholder Value
Source: BCG and MIT


HIP Scorecards – For Companies (& Their Supply Chain)

The HIP Scorecard is a strategic tool designed to increase sustainability performance.  Designed for use by Boards, CEOs, executives and managers, the HIP Scorecard measures sustainability in a comprehensive way.

See the HIP Scorecards published in Fast Company magazine, showcasing SUSTAINABILITY FACEOFFS in banking, technology and materials.

By communicating sustainability efforts with employees, executives, investors, and media, the HIP Scorecard can showcase strategic opportunities for growth, measurable data for annual sustainability reports, and how sustainability initiatives can drive shareholder returns. LEARN MORE or email

HIP also conducts industry analysis using the HIP Methodology to assess a company’s ability to deliver Human Impact + Profit. LEARN MORE or email


Corporate Workshops – Strategy, Finance, Supply Chain,
Innovation, and Investor Relations

HIP workshops create unique insights – and provide strategic information that can spur innovation within your company.  Motivation to seek highly profitable ways for your company to solve human problems while creating higher profits is a targeted result.

We offer a variety of topics and formats and will work with you to design a custom workshop individually adapted to your unique market position.  LEARN MORE or email


Valuing People as an Asset on the Balance Sheet 

HIP helps companies value their most important asset, PEOPLE, on the balance sheet and financial statements.  This powerful, transparent reporting on all the assets of a company has the potential to be a catalyst for developing a set of best practices that will provide a reliable methodology for the measurement and valuation of intangibles.

With this approach, CEOs seeking to increase shareholder value should be more open to investing in — and not so easily laying off — the core creators of value in their business: their people. It is only then that CEOs can be truly authentic when they herald that “people are their company’s greatest asset.”  LEARN MORE or email