HIP Scorecards

Today many companies are starting to think sustainably.  But to be a leader  in your industry, you must put sustainability into action to satisfy your customers, employees, board members, suppliers and shareholders.

  • What products and services do customers want that also benefit the environment, society and overall human impact?
  • How are you beating competitors on both human impact and profit, which drive shareholder value?
  • Do you have the management practices in place to leverage your suppliers and unleash your employees’ desire to “do good” and “make money”?

HIP Investor has the expertise and tools you need to clearly communicate how your company is pursuing sustainability and delivering profit at the same time.

A HIP Scorecard helps you measure, manage, and communicate the goals and results of your sustainability efforts in one comprehensive, meaningful and informative presentation.

Audiences for the HIP Scorecard include:

  • The Board of Directors – wanting to know competitive leadership and risks
  • The Executive Team – seeking new products, innovations and profit drivers
  • The Supply Chain Team – realizing cost reductions, mitigated risk and new value from suppliers
  • Investor Relations – communicating the upside potential of sustainability to Wall Street and traditional investors
  • The Finance Team – appropriately valuing the new products, projects and process improvements of eco-efficiency and social value; and integrating into the budgeting, resource allocation and capital expenditure (CapEx) analyses and reviews

In addition, a HIP Scorecard highlights strategic opportunities for growth and, importantly, makes the connection between sustainability initiatives and shareholder returns. It is the leverage you need to capture customers, engage employees, manage suppliers, communicate with the media – and satisfy investors seeking lower risk and higher returns.

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In addition to the HIP Scorecard, we have an open-sourced, streamlined human impact scorecard, the HIP Check – access it for free.