Supplier Scorecard

HIP Investor works with Corporate Partners to guide their development of a comprehensive Supplier Scorecard.  Our adaptable rubric for systematic analysis of a company’s inputs makes it possible (once incorporated with operating metrics) to understand your overall human impact.

Paul Herman co-developed the “Sustainability Index” and the resulting Supplier Scorecard for Walmart which has grown into The Sustainability Consortium – a conglomeration of four major retailers (Walmart, Safeway, Best Buy, Ahold), 34 manufacturers, and 9 universities that have developed a green product-labeling standard for products found on all of these retailers’ shelves.  The Scorecard is currently applied to over 66,000 suppliers globally.

Our resulting Scorecards are a question template assessing a multi-stakeholder approach to incorporate ESG factors into supplier analysis.  To learn more, please email us at

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