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Seeking More Human Impact + Profit (HIP)

HIP offers managed accounts, advice on entire portfolios, and wealth management for investors of all types – institutions, individuals, families and foundations – who seek choices that seek Human Impact + Profit — or HIP.

We also enable financial advisers and wealth managers to select HIP Portfolios and managed accounts for their clients.

Our multi-disciplinary approach combines expertise in finance and sustainability, focused on investing for positive impact


  •  HIP Portfolios: Our portfolios seek to realize human impact + profit, or as we say “to be more HIP”.  (For more information, click on the menu bar or the links to the right.) 

  + HIP 100 Portfolio
+ Global Sustainability 100 (based on the Nasdaq index QCRD)
+ HIP Preferred Stock Portfolio
+ HIP Sustainable Real Estate
+ HIP Global: Dividends

“How HIP Is Your Portfolio?” Review and Advice: For investors seeking a review — a “HIP CHECK” — of their portfolio’s performance on both Human Impact + Profit, we can provide a “HIP Scorecard” of your entire portfolio:

* 3000 equities globally
* venture capital and private equity
* real estate
* hedge funds
* muni bonds and fixed income
* fine art collections
* cash parked at your bank.

You can then track your HIP progress as your portfolio evolves over time.   We recommend on how your portfolio can become more HIP.

  • HIP Your Portfolio:  Across all asset classes, we score and sub-advise portfolios that seek specific impact, return, risk and liquidity

HIP’s Wealth Management is for investors without an adviser (or who are unhappy with their current adviser), HIP can manage your entire wealth across all asset classes, from equities to fixed income, from real estate holdings to venture capital and private equity, and even your cash investing.

  • HIP as a SubAdviser:  Advisers have been looking to HIP to incorporate our methodology, strategy, and portfolios into their client wealth management.
HIP Investor helps investors of all types – and their advisers – with investment advisory services and portfolios designed to seek more Human Impact + Profit.
All Types of Investors Can Benefit from a HIP Portfolio

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Since its inception on July 30, 2009, the live HIP 100 Portfolio has outperformed the S&P 100 benchmark cumulatively, as of 3/31/2011.   (Please see Disclosure and Assumptions below).

Disclosure and Assumptions:  The HIP Portfolio results represent the results of actual trading since inception by means of the application of a model, assuming a $100,000 beginning portfolio. Client results may differ depending on the size of account, timing of trading and reinvestment of dividends.  There are inherent limitations of showing composite portfolio performance based on model results. Unlike actual client-performance records (which can vary by client), model results cannot accurately reflect the effect of material economic or market factors on the price of the securities, and therefore, results may be over or under-stated due to the impact of these factors. Since model results do not represent actual client-specific trading and may not accurately reflect the impact of material economic and market factors, it is unknown what effect these factors might have had on HIP’s decision making if HIP Investor were actually reporting client portfolios. During the period for which model results are shown, securities of U.S. companies have generally been rising, and the model returns are partly a function of this market environment. If this environment were to change materially, the model results portrayed by HIP would, in all likelihood, reflect results different from those portrayed.

The HIP 100 and S&P 100 results include reinvested dividends or interest, and results are net-of-fees as a client would have paid to HIP on a quarterly basis in advance for advisory fees and brokerage costs. During the period for which model results are shown, HIP has maintained the same investment strategies and advisory services as those that HIP  offers to clients. There is potential for loss as well as for profits. It should not be assumed that the recommendations made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of the securities in the portfolio. The S&P index is shown as a general market indicator and is not available for direct investment. Tax consequences have not been considered. Investments are managed by HIP Investor Inc as the investment adviser via separately managed accounts at FOLIOfn or at Charles Schwab Institutional. This is not an offer of securities.

NASDAQ®, OMX®, NASDAQ OMX®,and NASDAQ OMX CRD Global SustainabilitySMIndex, are registered trademarks, trade names and service marks of The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (which with its affiliates is referred to as the “Corporations”) and are licensed for use by HIP Investor Inc. The Product/Portfolio(s) have not been passed on by the Corporations as to their legality or suitability.  The Product/Portfolio(s) are not issued, endorsed, sold, or promoted by the Corporations.  The Corporations make no warranties and bear no liability with respect to the product/portfolio(s).

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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