For Advisers

Investment advisers and wealth managers:  Do you have clients who want their portfolios to be more sustainable and have a quantifiable positive impact?  HIP Investor can help you satisfy those clients – and potentially attract new prospects – who care about “investing for impact” as well as financial prosperity.


1. Deliver an IMPACT REPORT on your client’s existing portfolio.  

With our database of HIP Scores quantifying “sustainability” across human, environmental, social and governance metrics, we can deliver monthly, quarterly, annual or one-time reports about how the portfolio is “doing good” on a 100-point scale.   We can measure many securities, roll that up to a score by Asset Class, and then an overall Portfolio score.

2. Jointly decide how to ALLOCATE and SELECT investments for a higher-impact portfolio.

We have HIP Scores on 3,000 publicly listed companies globally (US, Americas, Europe, Asia) and can apply them to equity and fixed-income mutual funds, ETFs and separate accounts.   We also score all types of investments – from fixed income and muni bonds, to hedge funds and real estate.  A fundamental HIP Score quantifying sustainability provides another key criteria for research, due diligence and evaluating new investments.

3. Consider allocating to HIP PORTFOLIOS where to build a higher-impact portfolio.  

The HIP 100 is a replacement for a large-cap index like the S&P 100.  Today, the only choice for a sustainable preferred stock or REIT allocation is a HIP Portfolio – so far, we have found no compelling choices in the marketplace today.  HIP Portfolios can be separately managed accounts (SMAs) on the Charles Schwab Institutional Advisory Marketplace as well as FOLIOfn‘s Model Manager Exchange.

4.  Share the “HOW-TO GUIDE” on higher-impact investing.

By purchasing the acclaimed, best-selling book: The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World for your clients and advisor team.  Available in hard-copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Better World Books, as well as on the Kindle, Nook, iPad and eReader, your clients and investment team can learn the details about how to do results-driven impact investing across all asset classes.

5. Conduct an in-person or on-line WEBINAR jointly with a HIP Investor expert.

Introduce, explain or advance your clients’ knowledge about  how to invest for potentially higher impact and profit.

* * *

You may have additional ideas on how to work together; HIP is here to support you in satisfying your clients, evaluating and scoring investment choices on sustainability, offering HIP Portfolio choices, and advancing investing into the 21st century.

As your partner, we are here to help and enhance how you advise your clients or manage their wealth to build a better world as well as seek to realize their financial and life goals.

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