Research, Analysis and Recommendations

For investors looking to up their HIP Score, we offer custom research, analysis and recommendations.

Work directly with HIP’s investment advisers to:

  • Develop a personalized HIP strategy based on your Human Impact + Profit goals, which incorporates Impact alongside Risk and Return
  • Evaluate the HIP Score of your current portfolio, across all asset classes
  • Create custom HIP Portfolios based on your Human Impact + Profit goals
  • Evaluate potential private equity, venture capital or acquisitions

HIP Investor’s research, analysis and recommendations serve:

  • Accredited and Institutional Investors enhancing their investment approach. HIP researches your investments for impact, and builds customized portfolios based on HIP scores that align with your portfolio’s Human Impact + Profit goals.
  • Foundations seeking sustainable investment opportunities that generate increased Human Impact + Profit. HIP works with you – or your investment advisors – to help you realize your Foundation’s mission across asset classes, with lower risk and higher returns.
  • Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists evaluating potential deals and due diligence.  We calculate HIP Scores to help determine the risks and opportunities in your deal flow. HIP’s unique methodology arms you with quantifiable variables to help assess short- and long-term potential.

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