HIP Investor has adapted our scoring system to analyze human impact across all assets in a portfolio.  Some investments have a generally higher capacity for positive human impact, but all can be analyzed for HIPness.  To learn more about how we rate and rank the sustainability of investments, please CONTACT US at Services@HIPinvestor.com.

We use a proprietary HIP Scorecard in our analysis, but we have open-sourced our streamlined human impact scorecard, the HIP Check – access it for free.


We not only analyze the human impact of the constituents within a portfolio, but also their cumulative impact.  Once the HIPness of all a client’s investments has been rated, we can then make suggestions to transition towards more sustainable investments.



By investing wealth in a sustainable way we can encourage and reward positive and sustainable business practices – driving the new fundamentals of investing.  To learn more about how we analyze the impact of some or all of your investments, please CONTACT US at Services@HIPinvestor.com