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December 2012

Student Endowments + 401k + UK Guardian

I. College Students Spur Change in Endowments: See which universities are leading the way in the move to Impact Investing
II. Engage Your School’s Endowment To Be More HIP: How can you help your alma mater invest for positive impact and potential profit – and who can help you advance to action?
III. 401(k) Tips for End-Of-Year: Are you getting the most out of your 401(k), 403(b) or retirement plan portfolio choices?
IV. How HIP Is Your Portfolio for 2013:  Explore how you can invest for impact across all asset classes in 2013
V. HIP Featured in UK Guardian:  HIP’s unique quantitative method for impact investing is spotlighted as innovativep

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November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving + HIP in Forbes + Holiday Party Dec. 4th

What are you thankful for?
We are thankful for impact investing & more capital aimed for Good,
For recognition for Impact Rated Bonds as a first-of-its kind innovation,
And for friends & family – Please Join Us For the Annual HIP Holiday Hop

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October 2012

How HIP is your Bond Portfolio?

Investors Can Benefit from New Portfolios Rating the Societal Impact of Muni Bonds and Fixed Income
Financial innovators HIP Investor and SNW Asset Management launch IMPACT-RATED, FIXED-INCOME PORTFOLIOS for investors, advisers, and institutions

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September 2012

Discover Surprising New Metrics of Sustainable Business Value

Every Day in September, Learn How Sustainability Leaders Are Creating Financial Successes
Today is the launch of the 2nd annual Sustainable Brands special edition of Issues In Focus: New Metrics of Sustainable Business, guest-edited by HIP Investor

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August 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday to the HIP 100! New Metrics: Call for Content

Celebrating the 3 yrs Mark of the HIP 100 Index and Portfolio with Performance and a Look Forward
HIP Investor is Invited to Again Be Guest Editor for Sustainable Brands’ Month Long Issues In Focus: New Metrics of Sustainable Business

Send Us Your New Metrics that Drive Your Business

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July 2012

Special Report-JOBS: 5% Unemployment by 2015?

5% Unemployment by 2015?
Positive-Impact Jobs & Industries Source of Consistent U.S. Growth

Full Employment in U.S. Possible 5 Years Sooner If All Enterprises Focused on Solving Human Needs

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June 2012

Score Your Portfolio on Impact; Make an Investing Pledge; Reinventing Wall St; HBR/McKinsey Challenge Rates HIP a Winner

I. Quantifying Your Impact: Scoring all the assets in your portfolio to create a “heat map” of impact, risk and returns
II. The Investing Pledge: Can your portfolio be 100% invested for impact by 2020?
III. HIP Is Open-Sourcing More Impact Tools: The HIP Check and the New Metrics of Sustainable Business Handbook, co-created with our partners, are available now – and for free!
IV. HIP Investor wins The Harvard Business Review / McKinsey M-Prize Long Term Capital Challenge:  “Quantifying Well-being & Impact Can Drive Investors to Build a Better World”
V. Reinventing Wall Street:  How can investors, business and CEOs focus on long-term growth vs. persistent short-termism?
& more on Upcoming Events (with HIP participating) and the HIP book

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April 2012

HIP In Asia; Seeking 4% Dividend Yield? Value of Human Capital; Impact Investing in Asia; Spring Events

I.  Impact Investments in Asia: Global ventures competing at GSVC; impact investing in Hong Kong emerging as a positive force for good
II. New Metrics of Business: Surprising value from sustainability – for your CFO, CEO & teams

III. Impact Investing – Academic Reports: Professors from Harvard and Wharton show that sustainability can lead to shareholder value
IV. Seeking Dividend Yield & Positive Impact? HIP Portfolios offer income potential in range of 4%
V. SURVEY: How Valuable is Your Talent? Take the HUMAN CAPITAL survey to see if you are leading or lagging in performance
VI. Investment Advisers & Brokers can partner with HIP:  With Impact reporting and HIP Portfolios, investors with advisers can seek to be more HIP
VII. SPRING of Sustainability: Winter has thawed, 2012 is the time for demonstrating HIP-ness
VIII. “Can Goldman Sachs Compete On Improving Society?” A HIP Perspective in Huffington Post; also, TriplePundit
…and more on Upcoming Events with HIP Participating… 

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February 2012

Seeking 4%-5% Yield? New HIP Portfolios; HIP in WSJ; Best of 2011; and more

I.  Best of 2011: Reflecting on last year’s innovations
II. 2012 Resolutions: 
How to seek more impact in your investing and portfolio
III. New HIP Website: 
Easier to Use; More Intuitive
IV. Seeking Dividend Yield?  
New HIP Portfolios Target Income + Impact: Diversify with Sustainable Real Estate and Preferred Stocks
V. HIP in Wall Street Journal, Business Week, & Financial Advisor: 
Vice vs. Nice; “Green Dividends”recognized

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December 2011

Happy 5th Birthday; RSVP for HIP Holiday Hop; 2012 Events + Resolutions; Investing Pledge

I.  Happy Birthday to HIP Investor: We are 5 years old today, 12/6/2011 !
RSVP for the HIP Holiday Hop: Join us the evening of Dec. 15th at HIP HQ in SF to celebrate the Holidays and Impact Investing
III. Best of 2011 – Your Suggestions: Sustainability and Investing for Impact – and 2012 Resolutions

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November 2011

Vice Vs Nice VIDEO; New Metrics RECAP; People As Asset CHALLENGE; Solutions for 99% + 1%

I.  “How to Be an Impact Investor”:  Want to learn? New Webinars and Presentations
II. VICE vs NICE: “Sustainability Showdown” Debate ReCap  Spoiler Alert – Sustainability Wins!
III. NEW METRICS of Sustainable Business: What are the new metrics? How to implement them?
IV. “Putting PEOPLE on the Balance Sheet” What is your organization’s Most Important Asset? Where are they on the Financial Statements?
V.  RSVP for the HIP Holiday Hop: RSVP for Thursday, December 15, 2011
…and more on the HIP book

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September 2011

CALL for Innovative Metrics, SEND by 9/9; Sustainability DEBATE, 9/26 NYC; New Metrics, 10/24, Phila; and More Events

I.  CALL for METRICS by FRI 9/9: Share Your “Innovative Business and Sustainability Metrics”
II. VICE vs NICE: “Sustainability Showdown”Oxford-style debate in NYC, Sept 26, with the NYSE
III. “The 21st Century Metrics of Business” in Phila. on Oct 24, with Dow, Puma, Campbell’s and more – at the Wharton School of Business at U.Penn
IV. “How To Be An Impact Investor” in Portland on Oct 28 at Net Impact’s conference
V.  “CFO Series: Discover the Hidden Risks and Opportunities in Your Business and Financials”starting in Fall 2011
…and more EVENTS

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August 2011

SAVE THE DATES: Sustainability Showdown, 9/26 NYC; New Metrics of Business, 10/24 Phila.; Series for CFOs; and more!

I.  VICE vs NICE: “Sustainability Showdown” in NYC on Sept 26, sponsored by the NYSE
II. “The 21st Century Metrics of Business” in Phila. on Oct 24, with Dow, Puma, Campbell’s and more
III. “How To Be An Impact Investor” in Portland on Oct 28
IV.  “CFO Series: Discover the Hidden Risks and Opportunities in Your Business and Financials”starting in Fall 2011

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July 2011

HIP in Poland + Asia ** Warren Buffett Not HIP, Dispels Climate Change Impacts

I.  Investing Sustainably Around the World: HIP in Poland + Asia
II. News On HIP Portfolios 
(Accessible to Advisors on Schwab and FOLIOfn Platforms; HIP 100* Exceeds S&P100 Benchmark*; Portfolio for Global Sustainability 100 Index by NASDAQ and CRD)
III. How Can Business Be More Sustainable ?
IV. Can Your Portfolio Be …100% Invested For Positive Impact by 2020… or 95% by 2013 ?
V.  New HIP Team Members!
VI. How To Invest: How HIP Is Your Portfolio?

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April 2011

New NASDAQ Partnership (Sustainability Portfolio); HIP for Advisors on Schwab, FOLIOfn; Q2 events

I.NASDAQ’s Global Sustainability 100 Index, created by CRD Analytics, now available as a HIP Portfolio
II. HIP Portfolios now available for investors with Advisors or Brokers using Schwab or FOLIOfn platform
III. HIP 100 Portfolio Continues to Outperform S&P 100 (from 7/30/09 to 3/31/11)
IV. Take the Investing Pledge: Can your portfolio be 100% invested for impact by 2020?
V. Join HIP Investor at Events in San Francisco, Monterey, & Zakopane, Poland; discount codes and RSVP links below.
VI. HIP Book Integrated in Universitiies: The HIPInvestor book is incorporated into 6 MBA and university curricula, and libraries across 5 continents (including Oxford and Cambridge).
VII. HIP Perspectives: in The New York Times, Reuters via Matter Network, Green Money Journal &BusinessGreen.
VIII. “How HIP Is Your Portfolio?”:  Ask HIP to help you set goals that include impact for your investing, rate your portfolio, recommend more HIP choices, and include HIP-managed Portfolio. Both investors and advisers are welcome.

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