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How to Be Impactful in Your 401(k); JOIN these EVENTS

April 14, 2017

I. Upcoming Featured Events & Learning
The HIP Investor Team Is involved in these upcoming events. Join us and our network to celebrate and execute impact investing in 2017

II. Recordings and Resources For On-line Learning From Previously Hosted Events
These podcasts and webinars have already passed, but can still be useful. Whether you missed the event or not, please revisit them here


How Higher Impact Portfolios Can Outperform, and HIP Events

March 3, 2017

I. Overpaid CEOs Under-Deliver for Shareholders
(3rd annual report of As You Sow, with HIP Investor)

II. How Cities Can Finance GHG Reductions with Positive ROI
20 mechanisms, 8 partnership types (by HIP Investor and City of Palo Alto for USDN.org)

III. Strategies for Energy Investing in the Trump Era
HIP featured in the New York Times

IV. How Higher Impact Portfolios Can Outperform
HIP authored column in CR magazine

V. The $30 Trillion Impact Investing Opportunity
HIP featured in WorldPositive.org

IV. How to Go Fossil-Free and Sustainable in Your Company’s 401(k)
HIP featured in Fast Company

V. How to Quantify Well-Being
The mechanics of HIP Investor’s Ratings


2016 HIP Holiday HOP Party NEXT WEEK: Weds, Dec. 7th

December 1, 2016

I. JOIN December 7: Annual HIP Holiday HOP Party + HIP Turns 10
This Is Not To Be Missed


RSVP: Newsweek Green Rankings 2016 WEBINAR; Go Green + Fossil Free in Your 401(k)

June 17, 2016

I. Newsweek Green Rankings Free Webinar, June 23
How to Attain GREEN LEADERSHIP in 2016

II. HIP In The News
FastCompany Coexist

Join us to celebrate friends, family & impact investing:
How To Convince Your Employer To Divest Your 401(k) From Fossil Fuels


Future Risk in Your 401(k)? SIGN NOW to Demand Fossil Free Retirement Choices

April 8, 2016

I. Fossil-Fuel Firm Returns Are Lagging, & Adding Future Risk to 401(k) Portfolios
Ask For Fossil-Free Investing Options – SIGN THE CALL FOR ACTION TODAY


FREE How-To 401(k) Webinars: Go Sustainable + Fossil Free; plus, 2016 HIP Holiday Hop

January 7, 2016

I. Sustainable, Fossil Free 401(k)s: How To Get There
Your retirement portfolio needs to manage future risk. How can your company’s 401(k) be more sustainable and fossil-free?

II. Our Annual HIP Holiday Hop + 9 year Birthday Party for HIP
Join us to celebrate friends, family & impact investing:
HIP Investor is now 9 years old, and headed for a full decade!

Want Your 401(k) Sustainable + Fossil Free? JOIN January “How-To” webinars

December 16, 2015

I. Nearly 200 Nations Agree to Curb Climate Change: How Can You Take Action Now?
A global commitment to a cleaner, greener world is now signed — so what can you do to help? Next step: Go more sustainable and fossil-free in your portfolio, including your 401(k).

II. Sustainable, Fossil Free 401(k)s: How To Get There
Your retirement portfolio needs to manage future risk. How can your company’s 401(k) be more sustainable and fossil-free? Join January webinars

III. Our Annual HIP Holiday Hop in January + 9 year Birthday Party for HIP
Join us to celebrate friends, family & impact investing, and HIP Investor is now 9 years old this month!


Towards 100% HIP Impact in Globally Diversified Portfolios

August 12, 2015

I. Aiming for 100% HIP Impact in Globally Diversified Portfolios
What Future Risk is Embedded in your Portfolio? Is Global Diversification Adding Benefit or New Unseen Risks?

II. 6th Anniversary of the HIP 100 Portfolio
See the latest performance updates for the HIP 100,
HIP Sustainable Real Estate, and other HIP portfolios

III. SEC Approves CEO/Employee Pay Ratio Disclosure Rule
A long-standing HIP Metric of future risk will become required disclosure in 2018

IV. Interview with HIP CEO: Impact Investing Towards Sustainability
Listen to the interview or read the transcript


How Green Is the U.S. Economy? Newsweek Green Rankings

June 16, 2015

Newsweek Publishes Leaders and Laggards of Environmental Results, calculated by Corporate Knights Capital + HIP Investor

Newsweek features HIP’s analysis:

Newsweek features Corporate Knights Capital’s analysis:

Newsweek published feature by sustainability leader and Presidio MBA Meghna Tare

“Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Beyond GDP”
by Meghna Tare and Paul Herman

NEW REPORT:  “Understanding Impact: The Current and Future State of Impact Investing Research
by Jed Emerson and Lindsay Smalling, Impact Assets

ORIGIN Magazine’s 21 Sustainability Mavericks (Includes HIP founder)


Reducing Risk in Bonds; Valuing Equities; and Sustainable 401(k)s

April 2, 2015

I. Bonds and Fixed Income: Institutional Investor discusses muni-bonds exposure to climate risks;  and, Corporate Resonsibility feature on how to invest in education muni bonds

II. Equities, Stocks, and Indexes: How to build a fundamental index, analyze known but ignored risks, and value diversity

III. 401(k) Plans:  Engaging your employees and helping them save by measuring impact of your retirement plan choices

IV. Impact Investing & Careers: NetImpact.org partners with HIP to explain how to invest for impact, and work in the sector


2014 Performance; 100 Most Overpaid CEOs WEBINAR; ‘Be My Green Valentine’ Party

February 6, 2015

I.   HIP Indexes, Folios + Strategies:
PERFORMANCE in 2014 and Since Inception

II.  FREE Webinar: “The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs”,
Thursday, February 12 , at 11AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern

III. “Be My Green Valentine” — HIP Holiday Party
Thursday, February 12, 2015 –
 with Chocolate and Bubbly

IV. Top Sustainability BOOKS,
compiled by Sustainable Brands 


The Business Value of Diversity; HIP Holiday Party; Exciting Events in Impact Investing

January 15, 2015

I. Value of Diversity to Companies and Investors – analyses, metrics and investment choices to explore for your portfolio

II. HIP Holiday Party Moved to Thursday, February 12 – for Valentine’s Day, with Chocolate and Bubbly

III. How Leading Companies Can Engage Employees:Enhancing value for long-term health and well-being of staff

Wishing You a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa, Peaceful Solstice

December 24, 2014

I. Beautiful, Sustainable Gifts @ WE’VE Built
… last-minute gifts still available online

II. … and visit Green Santa: Today  12/24 on Christmas Eve, in San Francisco at WE’VE pop-up store

III. Holiday Reading, and Book Gift Ideas – for your family, friends and financial adviser, on how to invest for human impact and profit potential

Holiday Party Rescheduled; HIP’s 8th Birthday, Holiday Gift Ideas & More

December 11, 2014

I.  HIP Holiday Hop (Party) Rescheduled:  Moved to January 15th (NOT tonight as previously organized)

II. Happy 8th Birthday to HIP Investor: Celebrating 8 years of Higher Impact Portfolios seeking Human Impact + Profit

III. Holiday Gift Ideas — Human Trafficking Survivor Creations (from WEVE) and Impact-Focused Books

IV. Mentor Capital Network: Call for entrepreneurs and business plans

$200+ Million Invested in Impact-Rated Bond Portfolios from HIP+SNW

November 11, 2014

Investors and Advisers Allocating More to Fixed Income That Improves Society & Environment

Growing From $6 million to $200 Million in Under 2 Years, HIP+SNW Serves Rising Demand for Impact-Rated Bonds

Speaking at Schwab IMPACT, SRI, Net Impact, Yale and more

November 6, 2014

HIP Investor Presenting at Charles Schwab IMPACT, The SRI Conference, Net Impact, and Yale this month

HIP Investor featured in NYT; World Economic Forum paper; HIP 100 Index Now Has 5-year Track Record

September 17, 2014

I.  HIP Investor featured in The New York Times

II. HIP highlighted in World Economic Forum Report

III. HIP 100 Index’s 5-year Track Record is Attractive

IV. Multiple HIP Strategies for Pursuing Impact + Profit