How Millennials Are Leading Change in the 21st Century

January 2016 Triple Pundit | Nick Gower, Paul Herman
How Millennials Are Leading Change in the 21st Century

“Millennials are earning a reputation for doing things differently. They communicate intensively using social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), are revolutionizing the transportation (Uber, Lyft), and now they are demanding sustainable business and accountability. Currently the largest living generation in the United States, millennials have their ‘buying power’ to throw their weight around.


But this innovation doesn’t happen by chance or because millennials passively expected it, but rather because they advocate for themselves and want to create it.


How are millennials sparking innovation? The old-fashioned way: by speaking up and leading the way. At Sustainable Brands, Tamay Kiper is a content manager and trained engineer. Kiper chose to take her talents to Sustainable Brands because she believed in its mission to accelerate the shift to a sustainable economy. When Kiper began investing in her 401(k), she realized her investments were not necessarily in line with her values, so she spoke up.”

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