How Can You Invest More Impactfully
Via Your 401(k) ?

Educating + Engaging Your Employees to Seek Human Impact + Profit

HIP Investor works with 401(k) Plan Sponsors, Participants, and Providers.

  • RATINGS of your 401(k) Fund Choices on Impact, as well as Returns and Fees
  • PORTFOLIOS that are higher impact, like Fossil-Fuel-Free Diversified allocations
  • TOOLS to optimize the impact of your 401(k) fund choices – COMING SOON
  • EDUCATION: With HIP Investor’s partner, the More Value + Profit (MVP) program, the “Know What You Own” 401(k) program can educate participants on the overall impact of current plan offerings, and engage employees to pursue more positive impact at work.



Engaging Your Employees, Including Millennials,
By Rating the Sustainability of Your 401(k) Plan

Employees are most engaged at work when they can benefit society, while also building the bottom-line. Your staff, especially Millennials, are likely to be more satisfied when “doing good” and “being sustainable” at work.  Enhancing your 401(k) plan is a path to this deeper employee engagement. With HIP Investor’s ratings and MVP’s investor education, your employees can become more excited about investing, their 401(k) choices, and your business overall. Like Morningstar, HIP Ratings help investors get smarter about their portfolio. Yet HIP’s Ratings go beyond Morningstar to rate the future risk and return potential from known drivers of shareholder value and net benefit to society. This approach can generate more employee engagement, participation, and contributions to their 401(k) plan’s fund choices – and benefit workplace innovation too.


BENEFITS for Your Firm, Your Employees & Their Portfolios

Applying HIP Ratings + MVP Education to your 401(k) plan can benefit your firm, your staff and their portfolios:
  1. Highlight information that is meaningful to employees on the sustainability of each fund choice, as well as its future risk and return potential.
  2. Increase the potential for higher participation rates and contribution amounts, for staff who care about sustainability in their investment choices.
  3. Promote sustainability inside your business more credibly and confidently, which can spur closer relations with customers and suppliers who are holdings in your 401(k).


HIP Ratings for 401(k) Plan Sponsors

401k model


Our Expertise

HIP Investor Founder and CEO, Paul R. Herman, is an internationally recognized expert in impact investing. Herman invented the “HIP = Human Impact + Profit” ratings system in 2004. His landmark book, The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World is published by John Wiley & Sons, swiftly became a top 20 business book bestseller in April 2010 for Inc. magazine /, and is now integrated into 27 university curricula for MBAs, MPAs and undergraduate students.

Herman’s financial expertise began with his Wharton School finance degree and corporate advising at McKinsey & Co. developing incentive regulation for energy companies and regulators. Paul’s strategic advisory and implementation leadership for Fortune 500 corporate clients and government continued at CSC Index. At eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s Network, Paul designed investment strategy that also enabled high human impact, including venture-backed growth companies. Paul led’s fundraising and partnerships as Chief Development Officer globally, expanding its donations and entrepreneurial networks.

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The “Know What You Own” 401(k) Program is offered in partnership with Joy Pettirossi-Poland, MS, Senior Advisor, HIP Investor Inc. Joy is the creator of the MVP™ (More Value & Profit) Program designed to help CPA’s, wealth advisors and business owners create more profitable and sustainable businesses.

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