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If you are looking for 401(k) ESG funds but your workplace doesn’t offer those options, HIP Investor can help them. Please share this page.

In the meantime, HIP Investor offers higher impact portfolios via Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) on several trading platforms. You can transfer your 401(k), IRA, or other holdings into these accounts. 

Human Resources Benefits Administrators

Employees are most engaged at work when they can benefit society, while also building the bottom-line. Enhancing your 401(k) plan is a path to this deeper employee engagement. 

HIP Investor can provide ratings of your 401(k) Fund Choices on Impact, as well as Returns and Fees, as well as assist in implementing strong ESG options for your staff.

Applying HIP Ratings and helping staff engage in strong ESG options can:

  1. Highlight information that is meaningful to employees on the sustainability of each fund choice, as well as its future risk and return potential.
  2. Increase the potential for higher participation rates and contribution amounts, for staff who care about sustainability in their investment choices.
  3. Promote sustainability inside your business more credibly and confidently, which can spur closer relations with customers and suppliers who are holdings in your 401(k).

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