Academic Research Collaborations

HIP has a long track record of collaborating with academic research teams to advance the understanding of the relationship of ESG data to financial returns.

Data for Academic Research

HIP collaborates with academic researchers on a variety of relevant topics. For example, with David F. Larker of Stanford University and Edward M. Watts of Yale University, HIP has provided data and insights for “Where's the Greenium?” 

Comparing green securities to nearly identical securities issued for non-green purposes by the same issuers on the same day, we observe economically identical pricing for green and non-green issues.”  


Books for Teaching Sustainable Finance, ESG and Impact Investing

HIP Investor has been eager to build understanding to the next generation of leaders. Both Impact Investing and Global Handbook of Impact Investment have been used in MBA and executive education courses.

As time allows, leaders and specialists can be available as

  • Guest lecturer
  • Advisor to student competitions
  • Judging impact or social venture competitions
  • Allowing HIP ratings to be used for student-run funds

HIP Collaborative Authorship

HIP Investor principals and staff have collaborated on white papers and research.