Nick Gower and Paul Herman of HIP guest-edited the month of October 2011 for Sustainable Brands’ Issues In Focus series on “The New Metrics of Sustainable Business.” Which Metrics will you implement?

What Are the New Metrics of Business?   How Can You Implement Them at Your Firm?

New Metrics Handbook:  We pulled out some of our favorite innovative ideas, initiatives and implementations and created an easy to share document.  Please download the Web Version or the Printable Version (the Printable Version is made to be double sided & folded).

AND the following PPTs were highlights from the New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference

Environmental Profit and Loss Statement by PUMA footwear and PwC advisers and auditors

Poverty Footprinting by Coca-Cola and Oxfam

People on the Balance Sheet as an Asset, implemented by Infosys and Tata

and many more – VIEW the PPTs and summaries
(Twitter Hashtag: #newmetrics)

In addition, many more examples of New Metrics are being pioneered.  Please see below:

Sustainable Strategy: (New Resource Bank, Customer Questionnaire) and (Better World Books, How Dumpster Diving can be a New Metric)

Sustainable Brands, Growth, and Products: (Guayaki’s Chris Mann Interview), (Low Emission Concrete), and (Sustainable Lasagna)

Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain: (Jim Sullivan on SAP’s New Metrics), (Moving towards Sustainable Beer), and (Fishing for Excellence)

Sustainable Finance and Capital (Hoop Fund), (Profit to the Peaceful), and (People as an Asset)

The ReCap from the Future of Sustainable Business Metrics Conference can be found HERE 

Hosted by the Wharton School of Business and sponsored by SAP & PwC with media sponsor, exciting in-depth exploration of the new metrics of business, including “Human Value Added: People as an Asset on the Balance Sheet”, “Valuing Eco-System Services” and “Integrating Sustainability into Financial Reporting”