[Investor Insight] 10 HIP Places to Park Your Cash — for Profit and Good

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We sought out 10 HIP places to park your cash and savings nationwide: make money and do good at the same time!

Download the 10 HIP Places to Park Your Cash one-pager, which was also presented at the March 2008 HIP Investor Roundtable.

You will find banks that build up enterprises that create strong Human Impact (Health, Wealth, Earth, Equality and Truth) and also drive Profit ““ for your portfolio, the bank and society overall!

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  1. Another great option is RSF Social Finance’s Social Investment Fund, which currently offers a 3.00% return (return varies quarterly, with a 3.50% average over the last 3 years). The fund provides loans to nonprofit and social enterprises dedicated to transforming the world in the areas of Food & Agriculture, Education & the Arts, and Ecological Stewardship. While not FDIC insured, RSF’s Social Investment Fund has always paid investors their return, and the borrower default rate is lower than 1.00%. The minimum investment amount is just $1,000 and the minimum investment period is three months. Visit http://www.RSFSocialFinance.org to learn more about what we can do together.

    RSF Social Finance is a nonprofit financial services organization at the center of a growing movement to support a network of place-based, local economies that value human beings and the environment. Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, RSF provides capital for innovative nonprofit and for-profit social enterprises dedicated to transforming the world. In partnership with our donors and investors, RSF has made over $145 million in loans and over $65 million in grants since 1984.

  2. Check out the the Mosaic of Solutions for the “Banking on Social Change – Seeking Financial Solutions for All” collaborative competition.

    Chittenden Bank is one entrant and profiled here:


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