Resilient Portfolios & Fossil-Free Pensions

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May 31, 2013 | Go Fossil Free
Resilient Portfolios &  Fossil-Free Pensions

Adapting City And State Pension Funds For Resiliency To 21st Century Risks And Fossil Fuel Exposure

Climate change and the fossil fuel industry’s current business plan pose a pressing risk to city and state pension funds. If pension funds remain tied to past assumptions and ignore emerging trends, they could soon face increased risks and potentially severe losses to their portfolios.

This paper highlights compelling evidence that fossil=fuel divestment is not only a moral responsibility, but a feasible and prudent way to address this portfolio risk. The paper also provides a set of fossil=free investing choices that can deliver solid returns, as well as help address the climate crisis, advance clean energy development, and increase the health and wellness of communities.

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