[HIP POV, via Reuters] Can Gordon Gekko’s Greed Be Good? Yes, if it’s HIP

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[HIP POV, via Reuters, and Matter Network]



Can Gordon Gekko’s Greed Be Good ?
Yes, if it’s HIP

By R. Paul Herman

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good,” the mythic Gordon Gekko pronounced in the 1987 hit Wall Street. Michael Douglas seared those words into our collective conscious for more than two decades – yet today many forward-thinking investors and leading executives are questioning the dark consequences of that theme, given the 2008 meltdown and subsequent Great Recession.

A new crop of business strategies, product innovations and investment approaches are emerging to show that firms can be more profitable and deliver for shareholders when they balance unbridled short-term greed with the opportunity to do more good for all of society. By solving seemingly intractable long-term societal needs with today’s powerful levers of business and investing, these leaders are paving the way to a better world and potentially bigger profits.

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