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Since 2006, advisers at HIP Investor have evaluated investments, assets, and impact portfolios to create and amplify positive social change in the world. Our unique methodology rates and ranks all types of investments for future risk, return potential and net impact on society.


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HIP Investor Ratings

HIP Impact Ratings are quantitative-based ratings to fund positive impact and optimized risk-adjusted investments.

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How Investors Use HIP

  • We Provide Sustainability Ratings

    HIP Ratings are a useful tool for investors to fund human, social and environmental solutions — while pursuing optimal risk-adjusted returns.

  • We Design and Manage Investment Strategies

    HIP offers investors a number of investment strategies designed to seek higher financial returns with lower risk due to positive, quantifiable human, social and environmental results.

  • We Analyze and Advise on Portfolio Construction

    HIP Investor works with institutional clients and high-net worth individuals to analyze the human impact associated with their investment portfolios. 

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