The Investment Community

Sonoma Private Wealth, Nia Global Solutions, Newday Impact Investing, Etho Capital, Change Finance, and HIP Investor have partnered to create The Impact Community, providing personalized service of a boutique investment firm with the breadth of expertise of a large firm. Together we focus on achieving impact along with financial results for clients, communities and the world.


Sonoma Private Wealth believes that financial planning is more than just numbers and the bottom line. It’s about goals, dreams, and purposeful planning. They will help clients design a program that connects wealth with what matters to them, the causes they believe in and the communities they support.


Etho Capital focuses on building the world’s most sustainable investment strategies. “We achieve superior financial performance through sustainability and positive social impact.” Etho’s flagship strategy, the Etho Climate Leadership Index-US, can be invested in through an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF


Change Finance builds impact-focused, performance-oriented exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that aim to change the world for the better, one investment at a time. Through a conscious, rigorous, rules-based approach to index and ETF construction, they have created investment products centered around social and environmental justice.


Newday Impact provides authentic portfolios for responsibility-minded investors. They offer portfolios addressing the world’s most pressing environmental and social issues, including climate action, fresh water, human rights, gender equality, animal welfare, and quality of governance.


The Democracy International Fund incentivizes democracy by influencing capital flows in financial markets. Their international equity portfolio is similar to other international equity index products, except it is weighted toward democracy and away from authoritarianism, with the intention of increasing the economic growth of democratic countries and the reverse for authoritarian states.


Nia Impact Capital invests at the intersection of social justice and environmental sustainability. We build a portfolio of forward-thinking companies poised to play a key role in our transition to an inclusive, just, and sustainable economy. We apply both a gender-lens and a commitment to racial equity across our investment decision-making process and live our values as a women-led team of activist investors.


GenderSmart is a global field-building initiative dedicated to unlocking the deployment of strategic, impactful gender-smart capital at scale. The enquiries above are all real questions we’ve been asked by senior investors.