15 Years of Impact

HIP History and Value

Founded in 2006, HIP Investor Inc. has built a unique methodology to track, rate and rank investments’ quantifiable impact on society – transforming traditional Wall Street views that “doing good” and “doing well” are incompatible.

HIP’s research has shown that in many cases, these outcomes are symbiotic: “doing good” can lead to the creation of new markets, innovative products, boosted revenue, lower costs and ultimately, greater profitability.

HIP = Human Impact + Profit

hip impact

HIP Investor Ratings

Today, HIP has grown to serve some of the largest funds in the United States.

Combined AUM of

$7 Trillion

Global Corporations
Municipal Issuers

Today, HIP has grown to serve some of the largest funds in the United States, with a combined AUM of $7 Trillion.

HIP’s products encompass world class offerings in all asset classes, and are available to fund managers, investment advisers, and every day investors.

In addition, HIP portfolios and investment strategies are available though HIP’s management and advisery services.

This immense growth has been facilitated by strict adherence to our values.

Our Values

At HIP Investor we have identified four values that we believe are essential to the long-term success of the organizations and crucial for the future welfare of society. These are the core values we seek in prospective clients, team members, and business partners.

Analytical Rigor

Everyday more and more data is available at our fingertips. Technology has made it fairly efficient to collect and analyze enormous samples. However, because ESG data varies in quality and type, it still requires human knowledge to transform. The value added lies in the models and meanings that rigorous analysis can yield.

This argument informs our priorities and approach. Whether we are developing HIP Rating methodology or providing analysis support and services for our partners, at HIP Investor decision-making processes are driven by rigorous analysis and sound interpretation.

Collaborative Entrepreneurship

At HIP Investor everyone is a change maker. Whether it by innovating at multiple levels within the organization, conceiving and engineering new patterns, or encouraging others to engage and care, every member of the HIP Investor family is entitled to shape the collective vision of what we do and how we do it.

The world has been led and managed by just a few people for the past 10,000 years. But as the rate and sources of change increase exponentially, the pattern is changing.  Efficiently fulfilling society’s ever growing needs requires that we source innovation from the many, not the few.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are basic pillars for the proper functioning of financial markets, and play a crucial role in preventing systemic corruption. Because of that, they are prerequisite values of the good governance required to make decisions favorable to Sustainable Development Goals.

Develop a Good People Network

We are a growing network of members and partners who are change makers, experts, rising stars, innovators, and caretakers. Join us!