HIP Strategies

The HIP Great Place To Work ESG Portfolio

The HIP Great Place To Work Portfolio selects from a universe of publicly traded firms featured in Great Place to Work® Institute’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® annual list produced for FORTUNE magazine released every January.

HIP’s Great Place To Work portfolio applies the index approach that Dr. Alex Edmans of Wharton has analyzed, which has typically exceeded the general market across previous years dating back to 1998. Companies pursing employee satisfaction and engagement tend to realize higher employee retention and attendance rates, as well as, increased productivity. These factors can both drive revenue and lower costs.

We have created this HIP Great Place To Work portfolio of 41 securities designed to outperform its S&P1500 benchmark. Investors may find this portfolio useful for the goals of diversification, income generation and higher sustainability.

The HIP Great Place To Work Portfolio is a separately managed account designed and managed by HIP Investor Inc. to institutional and individual investors and wealth advisers. Also, it is available on the FOLIOfn’s Model Manager Exchange and Charles Schwab Institutional ‘s Advisory Marketplace.

In addition, HIP offers comprehensive portfolio management and wealth-management Advisory Services for institutions, individuals, families, and foundations seeking to increase their “HIP” Score and portfolio performance.

HIP helps investment advisers and wealth managers serve their clients’ life and financial goals – and build a better world – through information, portfolios and education services.